How to Read the Listings

Lets look at an actual listing and take it apart:

FADDEN, John T. “Jack”; 8; 16 Oct 1943 OWH eve p 12 & 13 @ Holy Sepulchre*

What each segment means:

  • FADDEN, John T. — Name of the deceased person
  • “Jack” — Nickname that appears in the obituary
  • 8; — age at time of death
  • 16 Oct 1943 — the date the listing appears in the newspaper (this is not the death date).
  • OWH — the newspaper the obituary appears in. In this case, it is the Omaha World Herald. (A list of Omaha newspapers and their abbreviations will be published here soon.)
  • eve — denotes the evening edition of the paper. The morning edition is abbreviated as “morn“.
  • p 12 & 13 — the page number(s) in the newspaper the item appears on.
  • @ Holy Sepulchre — the cemetery the person is buried in. If the cemetery is outside of Omaha city limits, the city/town the cemetery is located in will be listed after the name of the cemetery.
  • * — means that more information on the individual appears in a later edition of the paper. Usually, it’s because the obituary appears again in the next day’s paper. Two asterisks would indicate that the obit appears twice more in later editions of the paper, and so forth.

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